Kyshi Partners With Jand2Gidi

Kyshi July 28 2022

By: Kyshi

According to today’s statistics, everyone is involved one way or the other, in the $6.5 billion worth transportation industry. You, me, literally everyone moves goods and services from one location to another. So you’d agree that there’s a need for ease of access and seamlessness, right? Okay, what are we talking about?

Kyshi recently partnered with a top-tier international logistics company, Jand2Gidi to provide our clan with a solution for easy and quick commercial activities. Jand2Gidi offers a seamless transport service locally and across several borders and continents, including the UK, Canada and the US. Its logistics services operate across several air, land and sea networks.

Are you thinking what we are thinking? Now, whenever you think of Kyshi, you can always remember that you can send money anywhere with speed and also easily transport goods across the world - thanks to our partnership with Jand2Gidi!

So, what do you have to gain from this partnership? Jand2Gidi offers all Kyshi users a 10% discount off your subscription fee when you sign up with them. Imagine transporting goods to and from the UK at a discount. Really cool, yeah? 

Here’s how you can hop on the train and grab this opportunity without hassles;

  1. Create A Kyshi Account

The first thing to do is to have a Kyshi account. Owning a Kyshi account is as simple as downloading the mobile app on your phone and signing up to create a wallet. 

  1. Register On Jand2Gidi

Once you have created your Kyshi wallet, sign up on Jand2Gidi and get a delivery address from the UK, US, and Canada. Next, you select the country of choice, enter the promo code J2GKYS10, and subscribe to receive the 10% discount. Once done, you get an address and start shopping! Easy peasy.

  1. Pay For Logistics With Kyshi

After shopping, enter your delivery details on the Jand2Gidi website and pay using your Kyshi application. Don’t forget to add your invoice number when paying. It is for you to receive a faster and more convenient service. And boom! You’re done.

That’s it! 

The Kyshi - Jand2Gidi partnership provides you with a double advantage! While it helps you to pay for your goods at the speed of light and at cheap rates, it also offers you a swift and affordable delivery service for your packages. In essence, you cannot go wrong when you use Kyshi because we keep providing you with the best solutions to ease your life. 

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