Simple peer to peer money transfer.

The new way to send & receive money across borders. Send money seamlessly to and from Africa at the best rates — from your phone.

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Send money on your own terms.

Kyshi lets you exchange currencies with other users at your own desired or negotiated rates. You can beat the bank rates and save time by doing this all in the comfort of your own home.

We are global.

No matter where you are in the world, we make it possible for you to open an account and send money easily.

How it works.

Fund your kyshi wallet

Create a wallet and add money to your wallet.

Send Money

Accept or submit an offer on the Marketplace for a Swap or use Kyshi's
rate for the Express instant service.

Select a recipient

When selecting a recipient, you can either choose to send funds to
another Kyshi currency wallet, a Kyshi user or a bank account.

Send and exchange money from the comfort of your home

Real stories from real customers

Quick Response And Well Done With The Platform

Thanks a lot. Appreciate the quick response and well done with the platform. You guys are really solving a massive issue I and many others have had for a very long time.


Felix Okoye

A Kyshi user

@kyshiCo Just Be Like Magic!

Wow!!! @kyshiCo just be like magic! Got pounds in my account under 1 minute after paying Naira


Otoide Ayemere

A Kyshi user

I Have Found A Solution To Sending Money

Not an ad, I don’t even know them. But when i tell you i have found a solution to sending money to the overs. It's like exchange rate bidding, i don’t even know sha but it works and there’s no fee for the next week. I was able to propose a Pound rate and its was accepted by someone who wanted Naira, that was it!



A Kyshi user

Naira Just Came Through This Morning

Hey Kyshi, the Naira just came through this morning. Awesome experience all around and was seamless to use. No Azimo for me.


A Kyshi user

Super Speedy Naira To Pounds Transfer Using @kyshico.

My mom just sorted out a super speedy Naira to Pounds transfer using @kyshico. She’s honestly so washed by the platform. I know people are always looking for ways to sort Naira/Pounds transfers, definitely consider them!



A Kyshi user

Frequently asked questions.

Luther Vandross once said the "The best things in life are free". Sadly, this one isn't. In making sure we can offer you a safe, secure and seamless service as well as keeping the lights on, we charge a very teeny-weeny commission which we're confident still beats all other offerings. 


Fees: 1% of your transaction amount (The first swap is FREE!)

Zero setup fees

Zero maintenance fee


Users would not be allowed to create or accept offers if their Wallet balance is not equal to the amount on the offer and Kyshi system would freeze the equivalent amount on the offer so the other party cannot redraw it from their Wallet. Kyshi will disburse the funds to your desired recipient's bank accounts. 


Countries on the Exchange or Swap Marketplace?



United Kingdom


More countries are coming soon. 


Fund your Wallet

Funding your Wallet on Kyshi enables you to Swap/Exchange currencies and send funds via our Express service easily. 


Log into your dashboard.

Go to “Fund your wallet” on the overview page.


Checklist for funding your Wallet

✅ Ensure your account has been verified.  

✅ Ensure you have the funds in your account and you are the account owner

✅ Ensure the payment details are correct

✅ Click on Add Money (Dropdown list should appear)

  • Via Open banking 

  • Via Direct bank transfer (Details for a dedicated account linked to your wallet should appear)


Once the system confirms the payment, your Wallet balance is updated to reflect the amount paid.


 Will I be charged a fee to top-up my Wallet? 

  • Funding your Wallet is FREE. 


Can I fund my Wallet with a Card?

  • Currently, you can only fund your wallet using Bank Transfer


How long does it take for the funds to reflect?

  • Payments will reflect in your Wallet within 5-30 minutes after confirmation.


Have funds not reflected in my Wallet? 

  • This may result due to bank processing delays. If the funds sent is yet to reflect in your Wallet, allow for 24hrs before reaching our customer success team at

These are the currencies you can use to receive payment on Kyshi.


Settlement Countries

United Kingdom







More currencies coming soon and if you have any questions, reach out to us at