Decades ago, we were fine with our messages getting to a loved one week or months after. Today, we’re restless when they don’t respond immediately when we see “Delivered” 😂.

Same goes for our money. We used to be fine with money taking days to get to our family and friends across borders. Now, we want to save the day and be there for them at the speed of light.

“We want to provide a formal, safe and efficient way for Africans to exchange currencies across borders. With us, you can determine how far your money can go at the click of a button. ”

— Ayo Akindele

It all started in 2011, when Ayo conceived the idea of Kyshi, It was difficult for him and his community to receive and send funds from Nigeria to the UK. Ayo, being a firm believer of “if you don’t like it, fix it” - created Kyshi.

Kyshi (pronounced kee-shee) comes from Kishi, the Nigerian and Ghanaian slang for "money". An app that provides a formal, simple and secure platform for africans to transact across borders. Kyshi marketplace runs a peer to peer system that lets you create or accept an offer at a convenient rate. We are on a mission to unlock more countries while demystifying money transfers one currency at a time, connecting you to Africa.

Meet The Team

Kyshi is made up of amazing, extraordinary and passionately driven people from around the world. We are a team of diverse origins looking to solve Africa's money transfer problems.

Ayo Akindele

AKA Chief Evangelist

Felix Ejike-Ume

Head of Compliance/MLRO
AKA Chief Constable

Grace Samuel

Head of Products
AKA Chief Problem Solver

Ivan Kipyegon

Senior Software Engineer
AKA Super Hero

Charles Essien

Front End Developer
Super Hero

Rotimi Adetunmbi

Customer Success Manager
AKA Chief Happiness Officer

Choice Omotosho

Product Designer
AKA The Artist

Alese Ayomide

Growth Manager
AKA Chief Community Manager

Tobi Abiodun

Product Marketing Associate
AKA The Poet

Raphael Ajilore

Backend Engineer
AKA Super Hero

Mustafa Idris

Data Analyst
AKA Super Hero

What We Stand For


No one should lose their hard-earned money, no matter what


Money matters should be as easy as abc.


We earned your trust and we don't plan to make you regret it.

Democrating Currency Exchange Globally

We're sharing technology on a global scale, where we're working to bring kyshi to billions of Africans worldwide, providing global multi-currency accounts and mobile payments to deliver digitally inclusive financial services.

Connecting Africans Everywhere

With Kyshi, Africans all over the world can now make their money go further when sending. Get the best rates and save time getting money to family in and out of Africa. Now you can send it in time for that urgent medical need or give your child just a bit more with the extra money saved for their study abroad allowance.