One app to rule them all.

We know how hard and expensive it can be to send money home to Africa so we’ve made it our mission to change that. Here at Kyshi, we are working tirelessly to make life better for you. We’re changing the game of sending money to and from Africa.

Meet the team.

We’re a young and dynamic team passionate about breaking the barriers of sending money to and from Africa. We are Kyshi.

Exchange at your own rate.

Leveraging the latest technologies in payments, security and working with amazing banking partners in several jurisdictions, we offer a currency exchange platform that lets you choose the rates that you use to send money to and from Africa. It doesn’t get better than that.

Democratising currency exchange globally.

We're sharing technology on a global scale, where we're working to bring kyshi to billions of Africans worldwide, providing global multi-currency accounts and mobile payments to deliver digitally inclusive financial services.

Connecting Africans everywhere.

With Kyshi, Africans all over the world can now make their money go further when sending. Get the best rates and save time getting money to family in and out of Africa, so you don’t have to worry when emergencies arise. Now you can send it in time for that urgent medical need or give your child just a bit more with the extra money saved for their study abroad allowance. Connect with the world right from your phone, at your home in Africa.