Top Picks Of The Week

Kyshi March 28 2022

By: Tobi Abiodun

From the Interesting to weird, and overboard, the Internet was agog with lots of activities in the past week

Here's what we found Interesting:

  1. If you run a business, you MUST understand accounting- AlitheCFO

Here is what you need to know:

  1. According to World Bank data, global remittances increased by 10% in 2018 to $689 billion from $633 billion in 2017, with poor countries receiving 77% of total inflows, or $528 billion.- Technext

  1. When last did you check your blood pressure?- Aproko Doctor

  1. Zuckerberg said his initial ability to launch Facebook back in 2004 wasn’t because he dropped out of college or abandoned any of his other interests. Rather, the Meta CEO said, it was due to the personal connections he made while he was still in school.- Joshua Ogundu

  1. How to be more productive- Breaking Taboo

Stay tuned for another episode of Top Picks from Kyshi.

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