The Middle Man

Finance July 27 2021

By: Kyshi Clan

For years now, people have had to rely on the middle man to help us send money home, be it at home or abroad. As the legendary artist Sound Sultan once said, Ajo o dabi ile... They say home is where the heart is, and for most of us our heart is where our family is. 

This was how we sent money:

In most cases, this informal system has worked but in some rather unfortunate cases it has turned out to be a disaster with stories that touch.

There are chances you may not get your money or when you do, you don’t know the source of the sender's wealth. And if you don’t know enough about your source upon enquiry by your bank, they reserve the right to close your account causing you distress 🤦‍♀️🙆‍♀️

phone image

This is why we created Kyshi, so you would never have to deal with this. Kyshi is a licensed and regulated money services business that you can trust. We deal with verified, trusted sources and we run a KYC on all our customers. The possibility of your bank closing your account is zero to none, provided you are receiving from Kyshi. 

So Why Kyshi? 

Download Kyshi today, on IOS or Android and exchange currency within seconds. #TheKyshiWay

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