Sleep'n'Earn With Kyshi

Kyshi August 19 2022

By: Kyshi Team

Have you ever dreamt of racking in money that you are certain you made little or zero effort to earn? Sleeping and knowing that money is entering your bank account/wallet just because? Maybe trust fund babies haven't but the rest of us have! 😄

If this has ever crossed your mind, you can now make a passive income when you Sleep'n'Earn with Kyshi.

What Is Sleep'n'Earn With Kyshi?

Sleep'n'Earn with Kyshi is a refer-to-earn program that allows you as a Kyshi user to refer people to Kyshi and earn money in real-time. Kyshi is a neobank for Africans– therefore, it is looking to spread its tentacles to reach every African all over the world. It is looking to create an avenue for African citizens to send money without hassles to their loved ones in Africa and abroad.

Why Is It Called Sleep'n'Earn?

The concept was named “Sleep'n'Earn” because you can literally earn money anywhere and at any time. Even in the comfort of your home while you are asleep. Really cool, yeah? 🙂

How Sleep'n'Earn Works On Kyshi

The Sleep'n'Earn program is not a complicated one. The basic idea is to share your referral code with your friends and family and earn cash. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

A. The Categories Of Referral 

This referral program runs in four stages. This means that as a referrer, your earnings are not stagnant. They can increase at specific points as you meet some criteria. The four referral categories are;

1. The Bronze Tier

The Bronze tier is the first category in this referral program. It is for everyone, whether they have referred or not. At this stage, everyone who refers a transacted user earns £20 per referral. As a referrer, you can withdraw your earnings once you earn up to £80. It is important to note that this category demands that you invite up to 16 people for you to qualify for the next category.

2. The Silver Tier

The Silver tier is the second category in this referral program. It is for everyone who has referred up to 17 to 40 transacted users. Everyone in this stage who gets a referral earns £25 for each user. 

You can withdraw you earnings to your Kyshi wallet once you earn up to £100.

3. The Gold Tier

The third category is the Gold tier. You qualify for the Gold tier when you have referred 41 persons who have transacted, and you earn £30 for every one of them. You get to leave this category at 80 users and can withdraw your earnings at £120. 

4. The Platinum Tier

The Platinum stage is the highest referrer category in this referral program. You qualify for this category when you invite above 81 new users to use Kyshi. You earn £35 for every referred user and can withdraw your earnings once you earn up to £140.

B. Getting Your Referral Code

Getting your referral code is really simple. You can follow these three easy steps to get and share your referral code;

  1. Login to your Kyshi app and click the “Profile” icon.

  2. Click the “Share and Earn” option 

  3. “Copy” or “Share” your referral code.

Note that you only earn from a referral when that referred user transacts up to £250 at once or cumulatively. This exempts the free first transaction; and referrals only count once. You can easily track your referrals and total earnings on your referral dashboard.


How Do I Get My Referral Code?

To get your referral code, log in to your Kyshi app, click on the “Profile” icon, and select the “Share and Earn” option. You can either copy or share your referral code. 

How Do I Withdraw My Earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings by clicking on the "Withdraw" feature. And your money would be sent to your wallet.

Do I Need Money To Refer?

No, you do not need money to refer anyone. Referring is free. All you need to do is share your code.

Why Should I Join This Referral Program?

This program gives you ample opportunity to earn good cash as you use the Kyshi platform. It is simple and cost-free.

How To Earn on Sleep'n'Earn With Kyshi

Earning is simple. All you need to do is to log in to your Kyshi app, go to the "Share and Earn" dashboard, and "Copy" or "Share" your referral code.

When Is A Referral Valid?

A referral is valid when the referred user makes a one-time or cumulative transaction of £250.

What Is A Withdrawal Amount?

A withdrawal amount is an amount a referrer is eligible to withdraw from their earnings.

Can I Earn Money By Referring?

You earn money for every person you bring to Kyshi that transacts up to £250.

How The Referral Program Works?

The program automatically rewards you when you invite friends and loved ones to transact on Kyshi. All you have to do is to share your referral code with them. Once they transact up to £250, you earn your bonus.

So what?

Now that you know about the Sleep'n'Earn referral program, you can start sharing and earning right away. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a working professional– simply go to your account and share your unique code.

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