International Student In The UK? Here Are Tips To Survive While Studying.

Kyshi March 19 2022

By: Tobi Abiodun

“I’m confused here. I don’t think I can survive in the UK. The culture, cost of living, and the weather isn't for me. I wish I’d prepared for these things earlier” 

These were the words of Simon, my best friend as he complained to me over the phone. He had landed in the United Kingdom two months before to further his studies. Although he was on partial scholarship, he hadn’t exchanged his Naira to Pounds nor had he sorted out his accommodation before leaving Nigeria. Hence settling in and surviving had become a problem for him. 

Many International students are like Simon. They set out from their home countries without planning on how to survive in the UK. 

Learn more about how to survive as an International student in the United Kingdom.

5 ways to survive as an International student in the UK

  1. Plan Ahead

From your accommodation plans to the money you’ll use for some upkeep when you arrive in the UK, it is best that you plan ahead of time before you land in the UK. 

For Simon, if he had swapped his Naira to Pounds before leaving Nigeria and had sorted his accommodation plans, he’d have had a soft landing when he arrived in the UK. Therefore, anything that can make you have a soft Landing when you get to the UK should be sorted before you land in the UK

  1. Figure out the best way to make International calls

For someone like Simon heading to the UK, the Naira to Pounds rates differ. Hence, pending the time when you’ll get a steady or part-time job in the UK, you must economise so as not to run out of funds. 

Rather than calling over a pay phone that could take all your funds, you can always call your family and friends over WhatsApp, zoom, Google meet, and Facebook messenger among other cheaper options.

  1. Know how many hours you can work for 

Most international students in the UK would most likely love to work. In fact, for someone like Simon who was on a partial scholarship, he would have to hunt for jobs both to pay the remaining part of his tuition and to send some money to his family back home in Nigeria. 

Like him, you’ll have to figure out how many hours you can work that won’t affect your studies and mental health. For International students, you are allowed to work for a maximum of 20hrs per week. You are advised not to exceed this limit as this could attract some consequences.

  1. Figure out a way to send and receive money back home 

When you land in the UK, there are times when you’ll want to receive pounds or send some money back home. Therefore, you’d have to figure out a secure way to receive money from or send back home. To do that, Kyshi is your most reliable partner. With Kyshi, you get to send and receive money seamlessly and at jet speed. With us, you don’t get to experience any glitches that come with remittance. 

  1. Move around 

The United Kingdom is a beautiful place to visit. It has some beautiful sights. However, you need to figure out the transport fares first so you don’t get cash-strapped. You don’t want to run out of pounds.😂 Once done, you can choose the choicest places to visit in the UK and have a great time. 

Studying in the UK is a great and liberating experience for most international students. However, you must be prepared, stay healthy and vigilant while there and cut out unnecessary spending. Who knows? Just like Simon did last month, after some time, you’ll be able to send some moeny to your family back home. 

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