Send & Receive Money

Looking for the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to send money to and from Africa? Kyshi is your plug. Leveraging community, we make it easy for you to get the money you need sent to the destinations you desire.

Swap Feature

Take advantage of our ever-active secure marketplace to get the currency you need sent to anyone.

  • Create an offer at your preferred rate
  • Accept existing offers that work for you
  • Provide the beneficiary of the exchanged funds

Express Feature

Don’t have time to create an offer or wait for your offer to be accepted? Don’t mind exchanging quickly at Kyshi’s rate? Then, use the Express lane.

  • Specify amount
  • Accept Kyshi rates and terms
  • Provide the beneficiary of the funds
  • And voila...funds sent in no time

Receive money

With a Kyshi wallet, you can securely request money from across borders. Get a unique link Share with friends, family or co-workers and get paid quickly.