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How To Get Affordable Health Plans In Nigeria With Kyshi Connect

We have partnered with roHealth, a health tech company, to allow you to buy affordable HMO plans for anyone within Nigeria.

You need to create and fund at least one wallet (USD, GBP, or NGN) on the Kyshi app to be able to purchase a health plan on the Kyshi app and get access to hospitals within Nigeria.

If you purchase with your NGN wallet, you will be debited for the value of the internet data in Naira. But if you are purchasing with a GBP or USD wallet, you will be debited in the applicable currency at Kyshi's rate. So you need not to worry about rates and costs if you are buying HMO plans with a USD or GBP wallet.

How To Subscribe To Health Plans On Kyshi With Your Kyshi Wallet 

Follow these steps to subscribe to health plans on Kyshi with your Kyshi wallet:

  • View all healthcare plans provided by the 20+ HMOs (these can be filtered by plan type - Individual or Family - and location - the 36 states in Nigeria & the FCT)

  • Select the preferred health plan to see the details of the plan (the HMO provider, the services covered, the hospitals covered and the subscription type)

  • Search for and select preferred hospitals

  • Select subscription plan (month or annual) and provide details of the beneficiary (name, gender, contact details, etc)

  • View and select wallet to pay from

  • Checkout by confirming the details and providing Kyshi PIN.

The Kyshi user will get an email with the confirmation details and instructions on how to enrol on the roHealth mobile App.

Note that you can subscribe to health plans on Kyshi with any of your Kyshi wallets.

Log into the Kyshi app to get an affordable health plan.

(If you experience any issue, please contact Kyshi Support)
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