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This is where all the action happens ?

Kyshi’s Marketplace is the most secure peer-to-peer currency exchange marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. All offers created appear here and anyone can accept or counter offers that they are interested in. 


Currently, only NGN and GBP can be swapped on the Marketplace. More currencies are coming soon.


It’s easy! With a funded wallet, here’s a step by step guide on how to create an offer:

It’s super easy! With a funded wallet, here’s a step by step guide on how to accept an offer:

Hard to believe right? But yeah, that’s the Kyshi magic. You call the shots on how much you are willing to exchange your funds. Just be

As many offers as your wallet limit can take!

To find out what your wallet limit is, check for your current tier on the App.


Yes, the beneficiary of  the exchanged funds doesn’t have to be Kyshi to receive the money. Just provide their correct account details and let us do the rest.

If the creator of the offer allows it, yes, you can counter an already existing offer on the Marketplace. You can counter the rate or the transaction amount and wait for it to be accepted by the creator.

Yes, if your offer has not been accepted yet. 


Yes, there is an escrow. Kyshi guarantees that users will not be allowed to create or accept offers if their Wallet balance is not equal to the amount on the offer. Kyshi system would freeze the equivalent amount on the offer so the other party cannot redraw it from their Wallet. Kyshi will also disburse the funds to your desired recipient's bank account or Kyshi wallet.