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Kyshi puts you in control of your currency exchange rates. It is simple - create an offer with the amount you need to change, state your desired exchange rate and it gets posted on the 'Marketplace' where you start getting responses to your exchange offer. Other users can ‘Accept’ or ‘Counter’ your offer with a different Rate or Amount.

Unlike the High street Banks, Bureau de Change & other Money Transfer sites, Kyshi's Marketplace offers you the opportunity to connect directly with prospective buyers and sellers so you can submit and negotiate the best exchange rates which suit you. But don't just take our word for it, download the app, login or Sign up, see for yourself and guess what, your first completed transaction is on us!

Signed up? Welcome to the Kyshi family! ?

Once you are verified and have a wallet created, here are things you can do to get you swapping.??
- Fund Your Wallet to enable you to exchange/swap
- Create an offer

  • Enter the amount you want to exchange 

  • And the rate you want for it 

  • Provide the beneficiary of the funds to be sent

  • Your offer will be created if you have sufficient funds in your wallet

  • Wait until you get a match or your offer is accepted

- Exchange/Swap completed


- Accept an offer

- Fund your wallet
- Go window shopping on the Marketplace
- Accept an offer that matches your need
- Provide the beneficiary of the accepted funds 

- Exchange/Swap completed if you have sufficient funds in your wallet to match the offer 

Kyshi ensures the swap is carried out safely by freezing funds designated for that transaction from both parties before they are disbursed/deposited into your recipient's accounts. 


The other person you are exchanging with does not get access to your information or data so you can be assured of privacy when using the platform.


Yes! That’s where all the magic happens. Head on to your App Store or Google PlayStore to download your Kyshi App so you don’t miss out on the hot offers.

We used But, after the feedback we got from users like you, we knew it was time to shut that down and provide a better experience on the new and frequently updated mobile app. Head on to your App Store or Google PlayStore to download your Kyshi App and start sending/receiving money across borders today.

We’d love to connect with you too! Find us on all platforms here: 

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on your profile at the top right of your screen
  • Select share & earn
  • And there you would see your referral code
  • Click share/copy to share with your network through any medium

When someone signs up on Kyshi using your referral code, you earn N3,000/£5 after their second transaction valued at £250 or more. This is because the first transaction is FREE and no fees are charged. 

Your reward currency is dependent on if you use a GBP or Naira wallet.  Your reward is then paid into your Kyshi wallet and is subject to increase based on the number of people that sign up and transact on Kyshi using your referral code. 

So share and earn..