Seven Effective Ways To Make The Most Of Your Summer As An African Student.

Kyshi July 18 2022

By: Kyshi Clan

Summer is a can’t-wait period for all of us! While some students may choose to return to their home countries to see their loved ones, staying back for summer is not a bad idea either. There's a lot to partake in and enjoy as an African student.

Have you been scrolling through internet feeds and unsure how best to spend your summer in the U.K? We’ve got you! Keep reading, you just might find the best pick for yourself.

1. Take On Hobbies

There is a reason it is called a summer break; study sessions are on halt, so engaging in hobbies won't hurt, not even for a bit. There are many activities that can catch your interest aside from studying and doing academic-related activities. You can relax your mind by writing, painting, taking pictures, or even taking a walk. Do you love to tell stories? Now is the best time to release episodes of everything that happened to you during the semester.

How about expressing your innovative ideas or giving quality information about specific industries? Yeah, the world cannot wait for your intellectual influence. There are so many hobbies to enjoy this summer. However, whatever hobby you choose, just follow your interests and enjoy your new routine.

2. Expand and Harvest Your Skill Set

Have you thought of honing and expanding your skill set this summer holiday? Honestly, you don’t want to miss out on developing your skills this summer. Gone are the days when you must be a jack of one trade. With civilisation and technology, learning is easier and more accessible. 

While you might want to work on things that you already know, you may also want to learn something new, probably in a different industry from yours. Gladly enough, getting them is pretty easy because you can just browse the internet and choose what piques your interest the most. And boom! You’re good to go. 

As a quick reminder, remember that choosing a course is one thing and devoting your time to it is another. So, while learning, explore your creativity, participate in projects, volunteer, and practice your skills. You’ll be suprised by how much of a genius you are!

3. Get Summer Internships or Jobs

Can you imagine having a ready-made platform to develop your skills professionally? This is what an internship feels like. An internship is an effective way to grow your experience in your field of study. It helps you discover your career path and build new and valuable connections. Very significantly, it strengthens your résumé. If you are stuck at finding a place for an internship, you can make a Google search on “internships near me” or “remote internships in the UK”; you will find many opportunities.

Jobs, on the other hand, are also beneficial during the summer. They help you grow your finances and develop portable skills that will last you a lifetime. You can save up money shand send to your loved ones back home in Africa.

A quick tip: Sending funds between Africa and the UK is easier with the Kyshi Swap and Express features.

4. Plan Your Budget For The New Academic Year

Holidays often pass in the twinkle of an eye, making new academic years roll in quickly. Honestly, you do not want to be caught unawares with this time transition. Now, for you to avoid that, you’d want to plan your expenditures and manage your money during this holiday. You would also need a trusted wallet to keep your money as they come in from sources within the UK and Africa. The Kyshi app is your best bet for receiving and keeping your funds till the start of the new academic year.

5. Develop Best Practices For Productivity In The New Academic Year

No doubt, being a student can be overwhelming. But, there are steps you can take to handle the buzz. Time planning comes on top of the list. Goal setting and priority management are also vital as they can save you time and a lot of frustration. According to sages, no man is an island, so consulting third parties won’t be a bad idea. You can do surveys from your counsellors and other students about actionable steps for development. Besides them, theiInternet is always available and accessible. You can always surf for ideas. 

Importantly, you may also want to reach out to your professors and strengthen your connections with them. At least a thank you email will do. It is one of the best practices for the new academic year. 

6. Travel, Explore, Learn

Staying in one location for a long time can be boring and tiring! This happens more when you are stuck with rinse and repeat routines for weeks and months. Can you imagine what it feels like to be in a new environment, see new people, and breathe different air? Pretty cool right?

Yeah, the summer break is ample time for all that. Have you considered traveling this summer? I bet you want to do that. You don’t have to travel so far. It can be a couple of miles away, for you to change your environment and explore new regions. While on your voyage, don’t forget to read books, study other cultures, and engage in new activities. Explorations widen your horizons and refuel you for the upcoming academic year. 

7. Capitalize On Social Networking

Do you know that the digital space is an endless world of opportunities? In most cases, opportunities come through social networking and only the prepared benefit. How do you become a beneficiary of the digital space?

The first step to take is to revamp your social media profiles. You should consider reviewing your social media profiles and keeping your information updated. It helps a lot. While revamping your social media profile, you would want to remove less-befitting pictures and replace them with polished ones. 

The next thing you should consider is networking with new people on your social media platforms. Tim Sanders once said, “Your network is your networth.” Networking with people is as easy as searching for individuals according to industry, location, or business and following or connecting with them. You don’t need to be a social media specialist to have a wealthy network.

Importantly, don't forget to showcase your skills and abilities because they speak for you in your absence. Update your LinkedIn profile. Such platforms help you maintain a professional appearance and make you more accessible to potential clients and recruiters.

You might also want to organise your mail box and make it look clean. If you can, clear out old or outdated emails and get set for the new academic year.


You can make the best of this summer. It's up to you to choose what works best and enjoy it. Whatever engagement you take on, be comfortable with trying out new routines and exploring.

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